Reasons to Join

In addition to the information already mentioned about Abada Capoeira Barcelona, everyone should know that children who also want to learn and join the capoeira class follow a specific training program according to their age group. The method used in teaching the children according to their age group is adapted through games, animal movements and other exercises that can help them improve both physical development as well as improving attention, cooperation, and self-confidence. Aside from the services offered to both adults and children, it also organizes meetings and activities.

The meetings and other activities are done outside the training grounds and it is open to family members and friends. In other words, the goal and objectives of the capoeira is really good. The good news for first-timers is that your first class is free and without obligation. Through that first class, the professors and instructors can know if you are interested in capoeira and start training. The professors and instructors will do their best to share their knowledge to everyone.

To those who want to learn capoeira yet are not living in this city, there is nothing to worry about because it is actually present in more than 45 countries. Moreover, it is one of the largest capoeria groups in the world. What are the reasons you should join the capoeira class? Learn how to fight, dance, and sing. Also, it helps improve your focus, rhythm, resistance, and movement. There are many things you can learn by joining in the training.